45 Min.   $55
     Reflexology is a form of natural holistic therapy. As a natural therapy, reflexology utilizes the techniques of human touch and interaction to bring about results. It works with the body's natural healing efforts. Performed on the feet. First session is 60 min with consultation.

Headache Relief
15 Min. $30
     Add on this wonderful treatment to any massage, facial, or body treatment. You can even book this as a stand only service for that quick relief!!. Uses Hot and Cold therapies to trick your body into relaxation mode along with 15 Min scalp massage.

Add paraffin to the hands or feet. Do both for only $10

Treat your senses to a relaxing add on that will sooth your mind and body with the aroma's of concentrated essential oils. Designed for your specific needs.

Massage Add on's

Blissful Retreat

Signature Spa Massage
75 Min. $110
    The ultimate massage retreat, combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage, this treatment is filled with a true spa experience, including exfoliation & mask treatment to your back.

Custom Therapeutic Massage
30 Min. $50 / 60 Min. $85 / 90 Min. $125
    This is a focused treatment for those dire aches and pains. Come enjoy this relaxing yet effective massage. Uses deep pressure incorporated with Swedish modalities, trigger point therapy, and soft-tissue release. Say good-bye to those unwanted knots!

Hot Stone Massage 
60 Min. $90 / 90 Min. $130
    Enjoy this heated massage with the blended use of basalt stones and hand picked river rocks to deeply warm your body to the core. The heat assist's in muscle relaxation as well as the mind. If you like the heat then you will love a hot stone massage today!

Pregnancy Massage
60 Min. $85
    Perfect treatment for mommy-to-be. Whether you are looking for pain relief due to the changes in the body or just to relax this treatment includes a full body relaxation massage ending with a wonderful scalp massage.
*Massage is NOT recommended during your first trimester*

Massage Treatments