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Michelle Yasika

Licensed Massage Therapist

Advanced Esthetician/Instructor

Nail Technician

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I have been working in the medical field for almost 10 years now and I always had the desire for a career where I was helping others. Pursuing a degree as a registered nurse was my goal, but a part of me wanted to take another approach to making an impact on an individual’s life. As I got older, I really started to struggle with my skin and I wanted to know how I could help myself resolve the issues I was dealing with. That is when I decided to go down a different path and went to school to become a licensed esthetician. Not only had I learned how to benefit my skin to looking and being healthy again,
but I was aiding others to feel great about their skin as well. I recently graduated from the Laird Institute of Spa Therapy as an advanced licensed esthetician and left with a wealth of knowledge and the drive to make a difference for people who want to restore their natural beauty. I have found my true passion in the skin care industry. I look forward to growing as a professional, learning as much as I can and sharing all that I know to help people love the skin they are in. I am delighted to be working in such a pleasant and calming environment at Blissful Retreat. Come enjoy your own personal retreat here with me to restore and preserve your skins youthful radiance.

Kristy Waters

Advanced Esthetician

Nail Service Professional

I've always wanted to help people in a way that not only made them feel good but help them achieve a healthy, pain free life. I decided in High School that I wanted to pursue a career as a Massage Therapist and truly be able to help those in need with pain management. I have been treating clients to their own blissful retreat since I started working in the spa industry in 2007. After acquiring my Massage Therapy Degree I fell in love with the spa world, so I went on to continue my education and received my advanced training for Esthetics, at the Laird Institute of Spa Therapy, which then led me to my Nail Licensure! I opened the Spa at the beginning of 2013 and created an environment for clients that is not only welcoming but also provides excellent customer service and a relaxing experience. I am excited to have you come enjoy your own personal getaway, here at Blissful Retreat!

About Our Skin Care Line...

France Laure Paris

Nutri-Laure- Extracts of caviar, squalane, wheatgerm, horse chestnut, lycopenes , rose, apricot and vitamins all work in synergy in the Nutri-Laure collection to help stimulate the production of lipids, strengthen the skin barrier, soothe and comfort skin. 

Rebalance- France Laure Rebalance collection normalizes the oily T-zone while keeping skin hydrated. Never harsh or stripping, nor heavy and oily, France Laure combination skin formulas respect the skin and its metabolism, protecting while restoring skin secretion equilibrium with refined botanical and marine extracts combined with superior purifying, anti-oxidant actives and vitamins. 

ClariPhase- This Collection of products with its oil-reducing effect, helps stabilize the overproduction of sebum and clear complexion.  Purifying, with the right amount of moisture and astringency, it stops bacteria growth and does not strip the skin of its protective acid mantle. Clariphase collection exudes an overall uplifting vanishing citrus scent sure to please the senses.

Sensibelle- Sensitive skin, whether temporary or permanently intolerant, should be treated with utmost care and with a suitable skin care regimen. Scented only with its therapeutic botanical actives, with no added fragrance, this array of calming, hydrating and anti-inflammatory line of products combines a precise selection of soothing, non-irritant moisturizing natural actives, anti-oxidants to strengthen skin defenses, and healing vitamins to prevent and repair inflammation. 


Blissful Retreat is a quiet personal beauty studio that offers a wide range of spa therapies from Massage & Body Treatments to Skin Care & Nail Services.